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Figure skating, ballet, music etc Grin17+118:59 30/10/2018
Putin is not allowed to erect a monument to Obama in Aleppo MIHAIL2+213:36 24/04/2018
Нацики збираються йти на Києво-Печерську Лавру cukerko3+216:59 13/04/2018
Welcome to the Russian-English forum Politforums.net48+918:53 12/06/2017
Oil prices 2.0 Grin10+109:24 22/03/2017
American Presidential Election BlueJay346+322:21 23/02/2017
MAFIA KYRGYZ Aleksandr Mihaylov 365480+115:51 30/10/2016
Poland ljuba1950197119901+220:18 17/09/2016
Assad BlueJay112+103:30 08/09/2016
On the monuments ljuba1950197119901+117:37 16/08/2016
Revolution - coup. knife7+123:29 24/05/2016
Россия сбила НЛО MIHAIL2+211:44 23/02/2016
A very expensive Troll! BlueJay35+417:56 11/02/2016
A very expensive plane! BlueJay38+214:23 06/02/2016
What will be cut? Military spending or pensions? BlueJay16+113:39 20/12/2015
The Western coalition carried out air strikes on Syrian army (say by mistake) TTZ67+615:29 16/12/2015
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