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Terrorist attack in Paris Nablyudatel18+304:54 24/11/2015
The west cannot trade Ukraine for help in Syria - FT view Redhead2+318:02 22/11/2015
Plane crash in Sinai was terrorist attack Terra4+311:27 22/11/2015
Let's speak about Ukraine in English! Imperskiy komissar Kay...64+500:06 18/11/2015
Deplorable condition of the British medicine Nico5419+301:27 15/11/2015
Help needed! Money doesn't matter! Odessit5+000:58 15/11/2015
Saint-Petersburg Terra13+102:59 08/11/2015
Welcome to the new english language discussion board! Politforums.net47+422:49 07/11/2015
Times and fashion Ruby Ludwig Valentin4+102:29 02/11/2015
Windows vs Linux vs MacOS Ruby Ludwig Valentin3+218:24 31/10/2015
Do you believe in Horoscope? Ruby Ludwig Valentin0+012:53 31/10/2015
Ethnic groups in Russia Putnik18+305:59 25/10/2015
UK is to become China's number one partner in Europe Redhead13+305:39 25/10/2015
Music from Movies (translation) ig91145+213:17 20/10/2015
Russia is an aggressor again?! StanS0+200:03 18/10/2015
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