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Putin is a criminal

Alik Bahshi
4 224 19:33 11.12.2018
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  Alik Bahshi

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Alik Bakhshi
Putin is a criminal

President Putin of Russia cannot avoid a judicial investigation, and as it is not strange, neither as a political bully, violating international treaties and responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people, but for a crime in the sport, specifically for the massive use of doping by Russian athletes and the substitution of doping tests by the FSB, which qualifies as a criminal offense. Putin, of course, denies state participation in the doping sample scam, but the matter is complicated by the fact that the Council of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), which was held in Monaco on December 3−4, decided to extend the disqualification of the Russian athletics federation until Two conditions will be met:
First, — Russia must pay all bills related to the expenses of the IAAF on fraud detection, and it will also be necessary to pay the costs for monitoring compliance with the terms of the restoration.
The second condition, the most unpleasant for Putin, is that access to the samples of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory should be provided until December 31, and according to the results of the recheck, all the guilty will be punished.

Without a doubt, the former Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation, Vitaly Mutko, will be drawn among the perpetrators, who from the very beginning of the doping scandal is suspected of organizing mass feeding of Russian athletes with illicit drugs and which may lay Putin. In this regard, Mutko should fear for their lives. Nobody is guaranteed from the accident and, as Voland said to Mikhail Bulgakov, «For no reason and never, no one will fall on his head.» An interesting fact, Mutko somehow threatened to go to civil court for defamation, but something prevents him from carrying out this step. The fact that Mutko would not dare to commit a crime without Putin’s instructions is indisputable. The organization of power in Russia, created by Putin, is such that without his knowledge, no civil servant is free to disobey. Nazi and revanchist Putin, like Hitler, uses the sporting achievements of Russian athletes to raise the spiritual component of the Russian people as evidence of the exclusivity and significance of the «Russian world», in whose defense the Führer Putin found himself and identified as the goal of his life. But, surprisingly and in advance we know, these good intentions, like those of Hitler, will end very sadly.
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18:45 22.12.2018
чем истеричнее бред, тем более правильные шаги делает путин.
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  Andrey Bykov

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21:39 22.12.2018
Alik Bahshi (АликБахши) wrote in reply to post:
> Putin is a criminal
Oh, mama mia… And what are you talking about?
Well, right — realy Al Capone
And if he else, like Andropov in 1983, the one spy Boeing will down — he will turn into Hitler
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  Alik Bahshi

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00:44 28.12.2018
The deadline for the admission of experts to the Moscow doping control laboratory is approaching. It seems that Putin will not allow experts to be allowed into the laboratory until December 31, which means, firstly, admitting the state’s guilt on mass athletes' doping, and secondly, international competitions are finally closed to Russian athletes.
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  Alex Sever

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17:16 09.02.2019
Putin is a criminal? А-hа-ha-ha!..
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Putin is a criminal
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