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Truth and myths about crimes of Britain

1 170 17:27 03.12.2018
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Here we discuss crimes of Britain and other countries

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Messages: 7412
17:56 04.12.2018
Redhead (Expat) wrote in reply to post:
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> What I can say to you about «the crimes of Britain» is that the elites in those days didn't treat anyone well, the rich treated the poor badly — not just in Britain, but everywhere. And by the way, are you familiar with Charles Dickens? Maybe you should read some of his stuff. Particularly about child labour in England, when children from poorer families were sent to work on coal mines, because adult men couldn't do it — if an adult man went to work there and died, the family would lose the main bread winner. So the coal mines were full of English kids, some of whom were the same age as my Daniel (8 year olds) — working there and dying daily. And that was during the height of wealth of the Empire, think about it. This is how Mother's Day appeared. On a spring weekend, those kids went home so see their moms and they gathered daffodils in the fields for their moms not knowing whether they would come back the next weekend and see their moms ever again, cause by the next weekend they could be dead.
> So why would the British elite have treated some Indians differently?
> All you Russians, zombied by your stupid propaganda are capable of doing is unpicking historical faults of others whilst living in a less developed, less civilized and much poorer country. That is what pathetic and envious people usually do.

You won because you forced me to discuss this. God knows I wasn't in the mood to raise this subject.

To begin with it's not only about events of the distant past. Your country invaded Iraq, broke their system, but didn't build anything instead. Do you know that many of the ISIS leaders are former Saddam's officers? It was their chance to survive so they used it.

Years passed, Blair said it was a mistake, Hillary said it was a mistake. And than you do the same shit in Libya. You invade, break their system and the vacuum was filled with ISIS. Again, anybody agrees it was a mistake.

In a few years you try to do the same in Syria. I've spent quite a lot of time trying to figure out what is your plan for Syria. And I found nothing. «Assad must go» nothing more.

Are your officials so stupid or they are just trying to destabilise Middle East completely?

In a few years Saudi Arabia with the help or your county invades Yemen.
Yemen conflict: A million more children face famine, NGO warns

It's happening now, but you don't talk about such things, do you? Russia is a bad guy, not Britain and Saudi Arabia, right?
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Truth and myths about crimes of Britain
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