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Luhansk people's Republic is able to defend its independence

2 274 12:33 24.02.2018
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Luhansk people`s Republic is able to defend its independence

Four years already war in the territory of Donbass proceeds. The four-year civil war, which Kiev authorities are avidly called «anti-terrorist operation» full trying to destroy people's Republic, leading the genocide of peaceful population of the former Eastern regions of Ukraine.
Despite this, every fallen on the territory of the Republic of Lugansk projectile, the hardness of his convictions residents of the LPR becomes stronger. Together, residents of Lugansk and Donetsk republics United by a common goal defend the right to self-determination.
The former miners, workers and peasants who became on protection of the families now became a powerful barrier on the way of inhumanity of bloody army of the Ukrainian politicians.
Today, having survived the onslaught, you will get enemy tanks and planes, the Donetsk and Lugansk republics established themselves as lands and people capable of conducting political and social activities for the benefit of the people at times better than the authorities of Ukraine.
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20:44 13.05.2018
So called Luhansk and Donesk republics are noting more than a terrorists ancluves supported by Russian federation. They pushed away from their homes millions of people, they tortured and killed thousands only because their victims spoke Ukrainian language.
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00:41 24.07.2018
It's very funny. Always when russia's neighbor is tring to take opposite political course then separatists are trying to make a new country and russia always supports them. Not only in Ukraine. I have one question why is it always happening when country is choosing political course. Could you remember any conflict happend without Politically unacceptable mistake? Russia is always doing same thing when country does a mistake unacceptable for them
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Luhansk people's Republic is able to defend its independence
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