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Who really rules the world?

9 2950 23:11 20.01.2017
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Interview with russian historian Andrei Fursov

Fursov Andrei Ilyich, 63 years old. Director of the Center for Russian Studies of Moscow University for the Humanities; Director of the Institute of Strategic Analysis systemically. Academician of the International Academy of scince (Innsbruck, Austria). Author of over 400 scientific publications, including 11 monographs. Recently, a new book out, "Forward to victory!", "Cold wind Russian Spring", "Russian interest." He has lectured at universities in the US, Canada, Germany, Hungary, India, China and Japan. Member of the Russian Union of Writers. Winner of prestigious awards for scientific, journalistic and public activity.

Almost half of Russians believe in the existence of Secret world government. More specifically, 45 percent. This fresh survey data Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM).

It is interesting that the degree of belief in a secret all-powerful body grows with the level of education of polled citizens .

However, opinions on the composition of the "government" in Russia differ. Some believe that they rule the planet oligarchs, others suspected Americans, and others - Freemasons, Jews, "some of the world's politicians", or namely Obama, George W. Bush and Queen Elizabeth II and so forth. The confusion in the answers is understandable - because this government is a secret! A third of respondents Russians do not believe in it, a quarter - were undecided.

- These 45 percent of our citizens is essentially right, but wrong in the formulation. Such forms as a "secret world", is absent, - says historian Andrew Fursov, who many years studying the world's elite. - but Closed supra-national global coordination and management structures - a reality. These structures often's dictate their will to the governments, parliaments, individuals. But they in any way do not constitute a unified authority on the world top.

- What is the "Top of the world"? - with the hope of i'm asking the historian. But what if, suddenly it is the nevertheless very conspiratorial government of the planet? So not want to part with a beautiful version of the conspiracy, who believes nearly half of compatriots!

- Top of the world - a summation of families of monarchs (certainly not all); the old European aristocracy, the bankers and industrialists. They linked business, and related occult connections; organized in closed lodges, clubs, commissions, etc. Such a net of family-business, that exists in its current form 150-200 years.

- Queen of Great Britain belongs too?

- Of course. As well as the royal family of the Netherlands, a number of princely and ducal families in Italy, Germany and Austria. This is not some kind of decorative pieces, relics of the Middle Ages, with which they are often portrayed; but is the one of the segments that the British prime minister B. Disraeli has called "the masters of history." And our wonderful writer O. Markeev - "masters of the world game."

- And Obama?

- God forbid! Even if Clinton has said that the only thing that is suitable Obama - is to bring him and his wife coffee in bed, then in relation to the top of the world Barack - something like a man for removal of a night pot.
What is the presidents and prime ministers in the West? - a high-level clerks, who are hired by the “top of the world” to serve its interests, and planted in a high chair.
And, as a rule, specially appointed people is put to watch after the clerks by the world's elite. How, for example, Colonel House with US President Wilson, and "assistant" British Prime Minister Lloyd George, Lord Lothian. In reality - a president and prime minister is their assistants.
A rare exception - George HW Bush and his son-ignoramus, US presidents. Bushs belong to the “top of the world” - they are distant relatives of the Queen; they run by the society "Skull and Bones" (a branch of the Illuminati) in Jelle. But, I repeat, this is an exception. As a rule, presidents and prime ministers - are from the middle layer, “Top” looks down on them, especially in the Anglo-Saxon countries. Let us recall the history, when Thatcher has called the name of the fifth member of the Cambridge Five (high ranking British - Soviet agents - Ed.), who, apparently, was the illegitimate son of George V, then there is the uncle of Queen. Windsors haven't forgiven this Mrs Thatcher. "Babbitt" (as characterize her one from living at that time in Moscow representative of the "class of gentlemen") had to eventually resign - including because of "end collision" on the hosts.

British Royal family is included in “Top of the world”...
Picture: REUTERS

But the majority of Western politicians, including David Cameron and Barack Obama - are unlikely.
Picture: REUTERS

- A Bill Gates, one of the leaders in the Forbes ranking of billionaires of the planet - it is also in the top of the world?

- Well, of course not - just like all the other representatives of the "young money", including the Russian-speaking oligarchs. For all of them at the top of the world one phrase of Moidodyr: "And you go home to wash your face."

- But why so stable this myth about a World Government?

- This myth arose not from scratch. About the necessity to create a World Government in the late XVIII century, said Swiss and Jewish bankers, as well as the Illuminati. In the twentieth century, this formulated as a specific task such representatives of the world elite as Warburg, N. Rockefeller; ideologist of mondialism Jacques Attali, and many others. And, although the World Government has not been created, "Top" has moved in this direction

- And they will be able to?

- I think no. The world is too big and complex to manage them from a single center. This is the first. Second, the global elite is not united. Clans compete with each other, and this post-capitalist world - is not enough space for all. However, the uppermost two or three dozen families will agree among themselves.
However, this is not enough to create a world government. Should be something else. For example, reduce the number of the world's population from the current 7 to 2 billion; devastate a large part of population through the world wars, epidemics and hunger; chipping of majority of the population; standardize to level the national culture; destroy the existing system of education and all types of identity - national, familial, racial, sexual, human-species (the latter are engaged transhumanists).
In the West the destruction of identities is in full swing. But else there are Russia, China, India, Islam, World, Latin America, where such the "Kunststück" will not pass; where civilized (self)murdering in the spirit of the modern West, that flies the US-led into the abyss of history, it is impossible. In this regard, it should be noted that in the current confrontation between Russia and the United States / supranational Ukraine, among other things, lies the conflict of two future projects, two of the World order: human and anti-human. After all, the Russian Federation's nuclear power still ensures a certain balance in the world balance, is a military shield BRICS. But this is a separate issue.

- And what about the "Golden billion"?

To a large extent, this "thing" - like the hearth, painted on canvas in the fairy tale about Pinocchio. 30-40 years ago it was assumed that residents of the North (US, Western Europe), the number of not more than one billion, will lock in the fortress "North" (on both sides of the North Atlantic) and there will be rule the World. However, the neo-liberal counter-revolution 1980-2000-ies, with its pursuit of maximum profit, buried a project of the "golden billion" else in its original form.
Dollar has eclipsed mind, and to the north in order to exploit cheap labor they allowed mass of immigrants from the South: Latinos in the United States, Africans, Arabs, Turks - in Western Europe. Now the South is firmly established in the North, where appeared an acute, fraught with terrible explosion contradiction.
On the one hand - aging, non-poor, declining and dechristianizing population, much of which is mired in vice and perversion (drug addiction, homosexuality). On the other hand - the young, the poor, embittered Muslim population, (in North America - Hispanic Catholic) social-oriented to traditional family values. Sooner or later, between the two "blocks" will be stand the Lenin's question "Who will overcome?"; and then begins a big hunting". And then instead of the "golden billion" will be "golden millions", who will try to live in inaccessible or floating cities, or in mountain strongholds, or somewhere else. "Golden billion" as a strategy for the global elite - is the past.

John D. Rockefeller - the first dollar billionaire in history

- Some conspiracy theorists all events in the world, up to the civil war in Ukraine, reduced to the confrontation of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. "Which of them will win, he will rule the world!"

- Indeed, in recent years actively upthrust this line of confrontation - "the Rothschilds - Rockefeller." Such a confrontation does exist. It played a major role in the twentieth century, going a red thread through its major events, including World War II, where the win was on the side of the Rockefellers. Interestingly, this confrontation began in the Russian Empire - in the Baku oil fields. There Rockefellers sponsored the strikes of workers in the "zone", that belonged to the Rothschilds. And organized these strikes the bolsheviks of group Fioletov, where an active role playing Koba - Stalin.

Russian Empire with her's Baku oil, or rather, the Western owners of "black gold", was the main competitor of the Rockefeller "Standard Oil" in the early twentieth century. As a result of the 1917 Revolution "Standard Oil" (or rather, a cluster of companies, which it's formally has been divided in the United States) became the absolute leader. Rothschilds really "entered" in the USSR only after Stalin's death, though with associated companies (for example, "De Beers' Oppenheimer) USSR is constantly in contact. With Rockefeller, especially in the first half of the 1930s, Stalin's USSR was working very actively. However, after the death of John Rockefeller in 1937, the intensity decreased. Seriously second coming Rockefeller (and with them the Warburg) in the Soviet Union took place in 1973, almost coinciding with the election of Y. Andropov Politburo member.

- Very interesting! Well, what about the current stage of the struggle of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers?

- Everything here is more complicated. Firstly, besides the struggle there is cooperation: both clans are represented in almost all any serious backroom structures, while on the issue a world currency contradictions, at least for now, are essentially have irreconcilable nature. Secondly, the "top of the world" area isn't limited on Rothschilds and Rockefellers - there is else the City of London, the Vatican, Arab and "East Asian house". I'm not talking about symbioses clans, big states and transnational companies, which greatly complicates the picture. And finally, in the third, something tells me that both "right" and "left" have manipulated the same individuals and groups, and the same may be with a pair of "Rothschilds-Rockefeller" - on the principle of "The struggle of Nanai boy with a bear."

- Maybe someone is richer them?

- This or these "someone" does not necessarily richer. The money - only a function of power, which is based on one or another system of ideas - the secular, and more than - occult. Information and energy is more important than substance, and metaphysics - than physics. Sapienti sat.

Bevel and Geometry compass - the most recognizable symbol of Freemasonry

- Many believe that the world is ruled by freemasons. This they, they say, have killed Peter III, made the October Revolution and the collapse of the USSR, because they rule the world.

- Well; Freemasonry really been played a big role, especially in the XVIII - XIX centuries. "Freemasons" have brought the human material, has been played a leading role in the era of revolutions 1789 -1848 y-s. in the West, and then came to power.

However, the governmentalization of Freemasonry has created a number of problems. Since the end of the XIX century required new forms of organization of the supranational structures closed type, more adequate for new era of world struggle for power, information and resources. This is a "group" (or a society "We"), which was created by C. Rhodes and developed A. Milner, other structures.
Freemasonry else has not been canceled, it continued to play a sometimes significant role, but ceased to be the sole and dominant form of secret structures. Such, in the Russian revolution, Masons lodge "Grand Orient de France" who acted very actively (by Kerensky), but there were other forces associated with the British intelligence service, the Rockefellers, the Americans, the German general staff and, of course, counterintelligence Russia, that made a bid for imperially oriented Bolsheviks. The resultant of these forces - the October Revolution.
After the Second World War, becomes necessary of the "new generation" of closed organizational structures, and they appeared: the Fourth Reich Bormann, the Bilderberg Group, the Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission ... Many of their members were Masons, Illuminati, B'nai-B'rith's and others, but the structure of their completely new, "sharpened" for the new tasks.

Well, how about a "world Jewish conspiracy", which believe not a few people?

- The basis of the legend - the "world Jewish conspiracy" (a large contribution to its development was made by the Scottish Rite freemasons) - is the fact that since the middle of the XIX century the Jews were very active in the financial sector, the media, science, largely occupied in these areas leading position. Moreover, it's the Jewish finance capital has connected the UK and the US at the turn of XIX - XX centuries, that have hundreds of years of enmity. World Jewish Diaspora - really serious force, but by no means the only one. All major powers have their own long-term plans. Some call it a conspiracy, I prefer the term "project". World history - a battle Projects, their resultant. Unfortunately, in Russia, with the exception of the Stalinist period, did not have a own project.

The meeting of Presidents of Ukraine and the US in the Oval Office of the White House, September 18, 2014

In the same place, but 24 years ago: US President George W. Bush takes in the White House the Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, June 4, 1990.
Photo: RIA News

- And what about the famous Comintern?

- The Comintern, which supposedly disbanded in 1943 (in 1936, Stalin conducted the case to this, and to the establishing control over the assets of this left globalist organization) - not Russian project. Generally it must be said that the "USSR project" from the beginning, it was built of lot of foreign elements, to realize the interests of various powers and structures (especially private).
As history has shown, Stalin managed only for the time to pin down this artificiality, but after his death she gradually regenerate. Together with the interests of the degenerated Soviet nomenklatura this factor played a major role in the elimination of the project, or rather set of projects (and not become a system) of the USSR.

- What can you say about the reptiloids, Andrei Ilyich? This theme is very popular now in America. And it also everywhere walking in Russia. Two serious doctors of sciences assured me with clear eyes, that the power of the planet captured aliens from the planet Nibiru or the Draka that took human form. "All Western presidents - reptilians But they can be identified by a characteristic distinguishing marks.". The web is full of clips of the Reptilians in the White House, etc.

- I love science fiction, fantasy. But this version, which was launched by american Ike, i don't want to comment. I think that similar versions spread deliberately to distract attention from the real secret governance structures. And to discredit even the searching for hidden mechanisms of the historical process as a whole, including the ancient history and the puzzle of human origins.

- Then let's talk about the very real structures, such as the Bilderberg Club. Many just called him the secret government of the Earth. Once a year, high-ranking members of the Bilderberg meet in the hotels of the Rockefellers or the Rothschilds, and behind closed doors to discuss actual problems of humanity, make their decisions.

The main purpose of secret puppeteers.
Photo: Dmitry Polukhin

- Real power - it a secret power. But Bilderberg - visible to everyone, they even a own website appeared. "Bilderberg" - Exterior organization of the world elite. The club was established in 1954 for the reconciliation of the old European elite, like the one that supported Hitler ( "line Ghibellines"), so and the one that fought against him ( "Guelph Line") together with the Anglo-Saxons; and integrate it into their design in general, and the "EU project" in particular. Today the "Bilderberg" working in those questions, which are set in the real secret, often informally.

- In December, we are waiting for the sad anniversary. 25th anniversary of the "historic" meeting of Bush and Gorbachev in Malta. Formally, it marked the end of the "cold war." In fact, Gorby and his team infamously sold there to West the USSR and entire socialist camp.

It soon happened the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of twentieth century - collapse of Soviet Union. That place of betrayal was chosen is not accidental: the island - is possession of the powerful Order of Malta. And the vague suspicions raise are two major bestsellers beginning 1 century, explicitly promoted globally by some very powerful forces. "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown tells the story about the Knights Templar and "Opus Dei". Saga by JK Rowling "Harry Potter" openly advertises the Order of the Hospitallers. There is a stable opinion, that it is these Orders, who based many centuries ago, they secretly directing the course of world development.

- Do not directing - they are only trying. Moreover, as in conflict with each other, so and in the fight with Anglo-Saxons. Jesuit name of the new pope - "Francis", a kind of symbol of gesture pacifying old enemies, the Jesuits and Franciscans, in the face of pressure from the Anglo-Saxons. As a ally of these two Orders acts Order of Malta, whose long-standing specialization - mediation between the Vatican and MI6, the CIA. Order of Malta - element of the "Vatican" system. Yes, renting the socialist camp and the USSR to Americans and supranationals in impersonation Bush Sr. occurred in Malta, but arrived Gorbachev to Malta after the meeting with Pope Johan Paul, who blessed "Gorby" to surrender socialist system and the country. Hierarchy is evident.

The same meeting in Malta. In the photo on the left - Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze, second from the left - the secretary general of the CPSU Central Committee Mikhail Gorbachev, second from the right - US President George W. Bush.
Photo: RIA News

Trying to convince people that kind of separate structure - the Bilderberg, Maltese, masons, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc. alone they rule the world - it takes away from the real mechanisms of world governance, from the "web" as a whole, replacing her private cell.
Another method - to hide entire structure (corporations, banks) behind specific individuals or parties. Thus, National Socialism they give us as an act of the Nazi Party and Hitler and K °. In fact, the creators of National Socialism and the "Third Reich" project were primarily Anglo-American bankers and industrialists, corporations like I.G. FarbenindustrieAG.

(For more information about how these structures have created the first form of the European Union - Hitler's "Third Reich" - can be read in a very interesting book by Dmitry Peretolchina "World wars and world elite." She published in a series of "Games of the world elite. Andrei Fursov recommends that you read"(published by" Book World ")
This series we conceived specially for the publication of papers about "top of the world" and its structures.)

- What else would you recommend to read, Andrei Ilyich?

- Works of Alexander Shevyakin - how disorganized the Soviet Union; Alexander Ostrovsky's - about Stalin and restructuring; Vladimir Pavlenko - about the Club of Rome. All three authors are excellent. Highly recommended also the novels of Oleg Markeeva and Alexander Gera, clarifying picture of the world. By the way, Gera and Markeev died under mysterious circumstances...

Todays political leaders on the 70th anniversary of the landing of allied troops in Normandy (2014 th year). This visible World Government. How looks the “secret”?

- And the last question: what awaits us? The victory of the organizers of the World Government?

- Hardly... There is a clan, ethnic and civilizational, and - until now - the public interests, which are so difficult to reconcile. So, the Chinese, or the Muslims will go under the world government? The Russian also will not go. In reality, possible only a reduction in the number of closed supranational structures, each of which will control your macro-regional bloc. This is far from the realities of a world government. In addition, when a collapsing world (and the world of capitalism is collapsing) - run away though not alone, but not all together, only flocks

We are waiting of the fighting of very different "flocks". And the old, and very old, and relatively young. Closed Societies, once arisen, as a rule, do not disappear; they are transformed; priestly whether organization of the ancient Near East, or the Triad, Templars, Masons, Illuminati, Anglo-Saxon clubs, the Comintern, the Fourth Reich; or many others.

Substance (people), energy (money) and information (ideas), together receives supra-human, supra-social qualities and begin to exist by themselves, carefully protecting themselves, their boundaries; and in a while convincing the world that they do not exist as an organization. Another thing is that over time, they are transformed, taking on new forms ("snake" which discards its old skin and bites its own tail), entering in the bizarre relationship with each other and with the various facades structures.

But there comes a day, when in crisis approaching the decisive battle for the future, and closed structures come to the surface and (or) make themselves felt. I think that this is connected with sharply increased volume of printed materials about secret societies. The future is coming, and it will win the one who will grab the trump cards.
Therefore, the question "in what currency to keep their money", I say it: in the currency of "Kalashnikov rifle." Or, as a minimum, in the good set of throwing knives

Translated by Andrey Bykov
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  Taric Live 40577

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01:23 10.07.2017
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07:45 04.11.2017
Нужно, что бы каждый управлял сам собой, своей жизнью, своей частной собственностью, руководствовался своими интересами. Заботился не только о собственном благополучии, но и о благополучии своих соседей, таким образом будет создаваться комфортная среда обитания. Строил свой дом.

Только в этом я увидел логику, выход и решение многих острых, подчас искусственно привнесенных, надуманных несуразных проблем сегодняшнего дня в нашем обществе.

Приоритет личных интересов. Только эта логика станет править миром, привнесет какое-то понимание, гармонию в миропорядке.

Не найдется никакой монопольной политической силы, способной управлять и диктовать социуму иные правила взаимоотношений.
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13:26 05.11.2017
SenorPomidor (СеньорПомидор) wrote in reply to post:
Expand message beginning

> Only in this I saw the logic, the out and solution of many acute, sometimes artificially adscititied, contrived, awkward problems of the present day in our society.
> Priority of personal interests. Only this logic will rule the world, bring some understanding, harmony in the world order.
> Not exist a monopoly political force capable of governing and dictate for society other rules of relationships.
А чего по русски-то пишете, философ с Украины? Здесь же английский форум. Я тут еще переводить за вами должен

And how did you come up with such a new, to such a complex and genial philosophy ?!

Philosophy of the full trough, of own ass and the unconditional priority of own stomach. Philosophy of the "qualified consumer"
My God, how so new and unusual! Allso, no one until of you, more — all the whole history of mankind no one never did'nt use this.
You invented something completely new, amazing.

By the way, my friend; so you're from Ukraine?
So I say too: need care is only necessary about personal interests.
For example: Russia can crush Ukraine with one paw and then saturate with that which took, isn't it?

So I say to: get out from moral hedges. It's necessary to observe only personal interests. By right powerful
Entered — exterminate — took — and ate
Then, and only then! in the Russian society (and at the same time in the world) there will come harmony, mutual understanding and prosperity
You agree with me? I know, I know that you agree
Don't thanks me
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Messages: 30179
23:37 22.11.2017
No american would read your post. Put it in a few words.
Ready to answer!
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12:48 26.11.2017
You're wrong, my friend
Besides, I KNOW they reading; and by the way is english forum here
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  UmbertoIndicci 45037

Messages: 2
13:29 11.03.2018
Very knowledgeable professor.
Thank you for the translation.

Had to chuckle at the last paragraph,
I call the $US a «lead backed currency.»

Who are the two most hated in the 'west'?
Hitler, and Stalin. Often in the same breath.

Again, thank you!
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Messages: 10362
18:10 11.03.2018
Thank you too…

The US dollar is a truly "lead backed currency"
If occurs a problem, it will be printed on the printer; in quantity as long the warranty requires.

Stalin and the KGB they exactly hating in the West …
But Hitler — in that I doubt. It's exactly same, as they hating the devil, but opened to him the temples. If I'm not wrong, in a sam country, called the United States
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20:32 02.04.2018
Can someone explain more about this from the main article:

Freemasonry else has not been canceled, it continued to play a sometimes significant role, but ceased to be the sole and dominant form of secret structures. Such, in the Russian revolution, Masons lodge «Grand Orient de France» who acted very actively (by Kerensky), but there were other forces associated with the British intelligence service, the Rockefellers, the Americans, the German general staff and, of course, counterintelligence Russia, that made a bid for imperially oriented Bolsheviks. The resultant of these forces — the October Revolution.

In Russian:
Масонство никто не отменял, оно продолжало играть определенную, порой значительную роль, но перестало быть единственной и доминирующей формой конспироструктур. Так, в русской революции масоны ложи «Великий Восток Франции» действовали весьма активно (через Керенского), но были и другие силы, связанные с британской разведкой, Рокфеллерами, американцами, немецким генштабом и, конечно же, контрразведкой России, поставившей на имперски ориентированных большевиков. Равнодействующая этих сил — Октябрьская революция.
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15:25 05.05.2019
This post violates paragraph 1.2.18 of the Forum rules. The user was warned.. The user was given a warning!
> Post is hidden

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