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20:05 29.07.2018
Breaking News, 29th of July, 2018

US actions could lead to the loss of Turkey, an important ally in the region, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Sunday. «We are not tied to the US. They should not forget that if they do not change their attitude — they will lose a strong and sincere ally. In my opinion this is a psychological war. We are not afraid of sanctions. We do not bargain in the Brunson issue''. Yesterday it became known that the head of the State Department, Mike Pompeo, spoke on telephone with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, during which the fate of Andrew Brunson was discussed. Protestant pastor Andrew Brunson was arrested in 2017 on charges of links with Kurdistan Workers Party, and the movement «Hizmet» made by Muslim preacher Fethullah Gulen. On 25th of July, Andrew Brunson was placed under house arrest. He might get up to 35 years in prison.

Terrorists of ISIS threaten to execute a group of 14 women. Back in 25th of July the terrorists captured 14 women during an attack on the province of As-Suwayda in Syria. The terrorists sent messages with threats and demands for a ransom. In addition, the terrorists demand the government troops to stop the operation in northeast As-Suwayda and give them a safe passage into the desert. Earlier in another letter the terrorists demanded to stop the Syrian military operation in the valley of the Yarmuk River on the border with Jordan. On Wednesday, in the city of As-Suwayda, terrorists carried out a series of attacks — 246 people died. Also the terrorists captured several villages — more than 60 hostages might be in captivity at this moment.

The US Congress opposes the «secret meetings» between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. A resolution was passed condemning «any future secret meetings» between Trump and Putin. The author of the document also urged the American president to conform with the Congress on the arrangements that were reached during the meeting with the Russian president in Helsinki. The document notes that the agreements, concluded between Putin and Trump, allegedly «meet the interests of the Kremlin.»

As a result of a suicide attack on the medical center in the Afghan city of Jalalabad — 2 people were killed and 5 were injured. The suicide bomber activated the explosive device inside the building. Currently, the place of the incident is closed by the representatives of the security forces of the country, the situation is under control. According to the source — the two victims were the employees of the medical institution.

57-year-old lawyer Misha Ognyanovich was assassinated on Saturday evening, near his own home in New Belgrade. The attack was carried out around 19:30 — local time. As a result of the attack — his 26-year-old son was also wounded. Misha Ognianovich was a member of the legal team that tried to defend the ex-President of Yugoslavia Slobodan Milosevic in the Hague Court. Despite the fact that back in 2002 Slobodan Milosevic was still sentenced to a life imprisonment — his case helped Misha Ognianovich to build a very successful career. Local mass media mentioned that the murdered lawyer defended many well-known criminal bosses, including criminal boss Luka Boyovich. In the last few months — several murders of Boyovich's friends have swept Serbia, and Misha Ognianovich could be yet another victim.

The EU is pursuing a primitive policy towards Russia, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced. «The EU is pursuing a primitive policy towards Russia, taking Russia for a threat. There are countries in the EU that could indeed feel themselves in danger because of Russia. These are the Baltic countries and Poland. Neither the Slovaks, nor the Czechs, nor the Hungarians have any reasons to think that Russia poses a threat to them.'' - The prime minister explained to students in the Romanian city of Băile Tuşnad. Viktor Orban underlined that some European countries should conduct a «more differentiated and specific policy» in relation to Moscow. Earlier, Viktor Orban repeatedly stated that anti-Russian sanctions do not bring benefits.
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00:07 02.09.2018
Breaking News, 1st of September, 2018

US intelligence and military experts have prepared a possible target list of Syrian facilities for the air strikes, CNN reports while citing US officials. CNN reports that Donald Trump has not yet decided on the attack. One of the interlocutors of the CNN underlined that if Donald Trump gives the order — the US military «will be able to react very quickly.» Last week, Russian officials announced that the terrorists in Syria are planning to make a provocation by using chemical weapons, which will be the reason for the US to attack the positions of Syrian troops.

Dmitry Trapeznikov, the Acting Head of the DPR, announced that the suspects, detained for the assassination of Alexander Zakharchenko, «Confirmed, after interrogation, the involvement of the Ukrainian side in the crime.» How many people in total were detained was not specified. «In the immediate aftermath, the police identified the identities of the terrorists. According to the police — the explosion was ordered by the Security Service of Ukraine.» — Alena Alekseeva, spokeswoman for the head of the DPR, explained. As a result of the explosion in Donetsk, near the cafe «Separ» — 2 people were killed — Alexander Zakharchenko and his bodyguard. 12 more people were injured. 5 people remain in hospitals with burns and shrapnel wounds. 2 people were seriously injured. The requiem to Alexander Zakharchenko will be held at the Opera and Ballet Theater in Donetsk at 9:00, on 2nd of September.

A regime of increased combat readiness was introduced in the LPR in connection with the murder of the head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko. «We have taken all measures to enhance the security. The regime of increased combat readiness was introduced in the units of the People's Militia. The law enforcement services are on high alert as well.'' - said the head of the LPR — Leonid Pasechnik. He underlined that the situation in the country remains stable. A three-day mourning was declared in the LPR. All entertainment TV programs and events for these days have been thus canceled. It was also decided to pull down the national flags. «He was a patriotic man to a fanatical degree, and he was devoted to his people and country to a fanaticism as well. It is an irreplaceable loss. On this occasion, we declared mourning in the republic.'' - said Leonid Pasechnik.

The operational command of the DPR stated that immediately after the terrorist attack in Donetsk and the assassination of the leader of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko — Ukraine put its military units, located at the frontline, on a high alert. «We noticed the movement of troops along the line of contact. The Ukrainian military was raised on alarm» — Eduard Basurin told to Russia 24. Reports of the skirmishes on the demarcation line are not yet confirmed. A single firing of machine guns was recorded by now.

The passenger airplane Boeing 737 belonging to Utair, caught fire after an unsuccessful landing at the Sochi airport during Vnukovo-Sochi flight. 164 passengers and 6 crew members were on-board. The pilots managed to land the plane on the second attempt. Because of the rain and thunderstorm — the aircraft couldn't end the landing on the runway. At first the plane crashed into the fence, and then slipped to a river bed. During the emergency landing, the landing gear and a wing were destroyed. The left engine caught fire. The firefighters of Sochi have extinguished the fire immediately, and the passengers were evacuated. 18 passengers were injured, including 3 children. 4 to 6 people were hospitalized, according to various sources. During the emergency, an airport employee died: he had a heart attack. A criminal case was initiated under the article «rendering services that do not meet the requirements of consumer safety».

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08:10 27.10.2018
Donbass Immortal Regiment Series 5 Batya

We remember.
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