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Figure skating, ballet, music etc 2 Grin515+210:46
Football world cup 2018, july 15 final, France — Croatia. tuin0+116:08 13/07
To the heads of the World Bank thank you for your solidarity. tuin0+119:21 12/07
France, Croatia and all over the world, nature advocates. tuin0+115:25 12/07
Anti — Fracking Protest stop mining oil, gas, coal and so on tuin0+105:14 01/07
Stop Putin, Trump, Merkel and so on. tuin1+107:45 29/06
Germany v Sweden — 2018 protest March for Peace. tuin0+106:10 25/06
DPR and LPR real777133+323:32 28/05
Horror: Hundreds of people died in a plane crash in Cuba. tuin0+115:06 19/05
Luhansk people's Republic is able to defend its independence DanielStaritskyi1+020:44 13/05
China and 258 polluted countries in the World. tuin0+116:28 08/05
Protection of nature in USA and other countries of the world. tuin1+100:43 07/05
Australian Sydney save Nature stop mining coal, oil, gas and more tuin1+114:01 27/04
Who really rules the world? Andrey_Bikow8+220:32 02/04
Pentagon program at Porton Down real7772+121:15 30/03
Welcome to Planet: Save nature China, USA, England, France, Russia, Canada and more tuin0+101:47 30/03
Soviet Storm: World War II In The East Umberto Indicci0+016:42 11/03
Kiev plans to attack the Donbass DanielStaritskyi0+012:33 23/02
Donbass defended its right to self-determination DanielStaritskyi0+012:24 23/02
Outcome of the Minsk meeting-Ukraine refuses to fulfill its obligations DanielStaritskyi0+113:20 20/02
Ukraine prepares offensive in the Donbass DanielStaritskyi0+112:25 15/02
what is antisemitism? bell210+105:42 14/02
Let's live together the whole World. tuin0+009:05 03/02
Please, Help to Support Democracy in Russia ig9110+017:50 27/01
The Anti-Russian Lynch Mob Fails real7779+216:11 23/01
Trump or Clinton? Netolerantnyy5+216:09 23/01
Why killing of Russian diplomat may well bring Turkey and Russia closer real7771+116:07 23/01
Business and war in Ukraine ZedzzZed4+216:03 23/01
The Unknown War (1941-1945) Andrey_Bikow21+215:56 23/01
Post-Soviet Russia, Made in the USA Grin27+215:53 23/01
Lithuanian Minister of National Defence: ­gay or rapist? rudiskronitis0+009:42 20/01
ELECT PUTIN FOR US PRESIDENT 2016 Dieter Hiftler11+318:04 12/01
Minors in Politics jensenbreck1+106:40 06/12/2017
Can a former US President continue to stay in politics? jensenbreck1+106:36 06/12/2017
NATO makes Latvia vulnerable rudiskronitis0+117:23 07/09/2017
Ukraine's Hyper-Nationalist Military Summer Camp for Kids real7770+216:56 17/07/2017
Putin's poisonous propaganda and ...how should we fight it? Redhead358+412:55 06/07/2017
Come and See Andrey_Bikow0+021:51 05/06/2017
No, Russian Agents Are Not Behind Every Piece of Fake News You See real7774+215:32 01/06/2017
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