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Lithuanian Minister of National Defence: ­gay or rapist? rudiskronitis0+009:42 20/01
ELECT PUTIN FOR US PRESIDENT 2016 Dieter Hiftler11+318:04 12/01
Minors in Politics jensenbreck1+106:40 06/12/2017
Can a former US President continue to stay in politics? jensenbreck1+106:36 06/12/2017
Who really rules the world? Andrey_Bikow5+112:48 26/11/2017
How Do They React 70 Years Later on after the WW2 Dieter Hiftler0+010:53 30/10/2017
NATO makes Latvia vulnerable rudiskronitis0+117:23 07/09/2017
DPR and LPR real777129+322:31 03/09/2017
Post-Soviet Russia, Made in the USA Grin26+221:34 06/08/2017
Ukraine's Hyper-Nationalist Military Summer Camp for Kids real7770+216:56 17/07/2017
Putin's poisonous propaganda and ...how should we fight it? Redhead358+412:55 06/07/2017
Come and See Andrey_Bikow0+021:51 05/06/2017
The Unknown War (1941-1945) Andrey_Bikow20+214:42 03/06/2017
No, Russian Agents Are Not Behind Every Piece of Fake News You See real7774+215:32 01/06/2017
EU referendum Redhead422+515:31 01/06/2017
Putin's "decisive grip" on war in Syria already looks like a mirage - FT Redhead273+715:31 01/06/2017
They brought hell on my land. DPR and LPR. real7779+115:31 01/06/2017
Soviet film "Liberation" about the Great Patriotic War Andrey_Bikow1+115:30 01/06/2017
Business and war in Ukraine ZedzzZed3+215:30 01/06/2017
Ukraine's Government Is Failing to Unite Ukrainians real7771+115:30 01/06/2017
what is antisemitism? bell27+109:38 03/04/2017
Abby Martin Exposes Steve Bannon Grin0+111:38 31/03/2017
WashPost Is Richly Rewarded for False News About Russia Threat While Public Is Deceived real7770+109:45 08/01/2017
All atrocious crimes of the Japanese war criminals were to be punished! Kirill Kuznecov 376210+109:33 28/12/2016
Aleppo. From the sunrise to the sunset with "Al-Quds" real77711+205:00 28/12/2016
Why killing of Russian diplomat may well bring Turkey and Russia closer real7770+101:43 21/12/2016
Ukraine Crisis: Donbass. Chronicle of Genocide. Banned on TV / Донбасс. Хроника геноцида. [ENG SUB] real7770+105:33 04/12/2016
The Anti-Russian Lynch Mob Fails real7778+218:53 24/11/2016
Do Mail Order Brides Really Exist? 1stworldview88750+110:22 16/11/2016
US-led coalition aircraft strike Syrian army positions, kill 62 soldiers – military real77712+320:58 11/11/2016
Trump or Clinton? Netolerantnyy4+211:03 10/11/2016
Israeli Politics and a New American President MaB1+116:12 09/11/2016
И пират может стать депутатом Vsevibory1+118:25 01/11/2016
Tchaikovsky homosexual. Yes, he was ! Julie 3553331+323:53 30/10/2016
Why Would Pentagon Pretend to Fly Russia’s Military Jets? real7770+122:56 14/10/2016
Key Neocon Calls on US to Oust Putin real7770+213:35 11/10/2016
Admiration for Russian strongman is upending post-Cold War norms real7773+302:49 09/10/2016
MH17 Inquiry real7777+100:57 29/09/2016
Gabrielius Landsbergis is a secret German agent embedded in Lithuanian's authorities kairyskairys0+112:07 08/09/2016
Prophecies about Russia (video) Dimitrii 356842+118:01 06/09/2016
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